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Science fiction et soucoupes volantes, une réalité Mythico-physique.
Editor : Terre De Brume;
Edition: Reissue seen again and augmented (May 11th, 2007)
Collection : Pulp Science.
1st edition : April, 1978, Paris, Mercure de France.

Preface written by par Aimé Michel

New revised and enlarged edition. Iconographic notebook.

In spring of 1978 a young professor of philosophy publishes in the Mercury of France, under title “Science Fiction & Soucoupes Volantes”, a book which is going to shake the world of the ufology. It shows, texts in the support, and with a careful precision there, that all strange events represented after 1947 by the witnesses of UFOs were represented by writers of science fiction between 1880 and 1945. A revelation which shakes the ideas of the epoch.

Most of the ufologists still live in 1978 in firm belief when the irruption of “flying saucers” (French expression for UFO) did not have imaginary precedent. Bertrand Méheust proves them the opposite and tries hard to extract consequences of this paradoxical antecedence of the myth upon reality, without trying therefore to reduce UFOs to a sociological kind of effect. The cogitation which results from it leads to an intriguing book, which remained unexampled in ufo's literature. “Science fiction & soucoupes volantes” opened the way to a complete and balanced approach of a problem loaded with philosophical and scientific involvements.

The text given here is that of 1978. But the author wanted to return on his course in an unpublished preface where he examines without concessions qualities and defects of his ancient inquiry and, by leaning on his own way, he tries hard to imagine the ways of the future ufology.

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