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Bertrand Méheust is doctor in sociology. It dedicates himself to the history of the parapsychology and leads an epistemological cogitation on taboos of knowledge.


For a moment now we attracted with Bertrand Méheust to tread underfoot in this new virtual world. After some equivocation on form, contents and some sacrifices in the study of the rudiments of the Internet, we are finally in the deep of subject. With the warm-hearted support of numerous persons which we do not forget to thank, little by little top up pieces gleaned here and there, comments, chips of reading, online articles, and masses of links remaining to classify...

In brief, the site is in building and we ask the overdemanding visitors to arm ourselves with patience, for receipts rubrics will be achalandées!

Of course, and we already have proposals, contributions are the welcome. If they seem to us appropriate we shall make a joy to put them online, even if it means, if no rubric corresponds, to create a news!

We are therefore very happy to introduce(present) you the " official site of Bertrand Méheust ", for some time still incomplete(unfinished) - and in priori to a certain extent forever- , centralizing all information concerning it, notably her(its) actuality, with conferences, articles and exits in bookshop. Rubrics "Works " contain not only precision on his(her,its) publications, but also notes of reading, precision of the author and of comments of his(her,its) fervent readers.

We register in the web and by the way, on this mass media, you will find links to obtain works still edited on sailor websites. Of course we invite you to go rather to your favourite bookshop and to demand be able to find there these so inevitable books which you do not understand see them next to Last Dan Brown or at the same level of visibility as Harry Potter.

On it we wish you a nice promenade on this site which you will find, we hope for it sober enough and readable. For any suggestion, please take the pleasure of contacting the webmestre by clicking on this link :

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